It’s official – The 2017 season is here

It’s official – Our first clutch of 2017 has been laid and is tucked away nicely into the incubator! This female came to us in 2010 and was part of a shipment that came in from the King himself, Ralph Davis.  She has been nothing less than consistent over the years Read More

Client Gallery Updates

We’ve updated our Client Work gallery – Click here to see all of the updates! Updates:

Introducing the GHI Vanilla Inferno!

Introducing the GHI Vanilla Inferno! We were very happy to produce this combo during the 2016 season and were even more ecstatic that we hatched a male. This boy is the result of a GHI Inferno x Super Vanilla Citrus Hypo and will be held back for future breeding projects here Read More

Yellowbelly – Stepping up your combos since the 90’s!

The Yellowbelly gene was introduced into the world of ball pythons in the late 1990s and has since become a highly valuable gene to have in your collection to produce some seriously awesome animals.  Yellowbellies are also known as het ivory due to the super form being a blue eyed Read More

Gotta Have It!

In my opinion, the GHI ball is still one of the hottest animals on the market and has a huge amount of potential. Over the past few years I have been building my GHI stock and have had the opportunity to acquire some top notch animals to add to my Read More

Welcome to Snake Hunter Exotics!

Welcome to our redesigned page and the new gateway to Snake Hunter Exotics!  This new format will allow us to share more content with our subscribers and will provide a more interactive environment for all of our returning and new guests. If you are a returning guest… Thank You! We truly Read More