Welcome to Snake Hunter Exotics!

July 7, 2016

logoWelcome to our redesigned page and the new gateway to Snake Hunter Exotics!  This new format will allow us to share more content with our subscribers and will provide a more interactive environment for all of our returning and new guests.

If you are a returning guest… Thank You! We truly appreciate your support and value your loyalty. You guys are awesome!!

If you are new to our page… Welcome, we are happy to have you and hope that our content, photography and animals will bring you back time and time again. As always, please feel free to share our content with your friends and family or find us on facebook at Snake Hunter Exotics!

What to expect from our new site?

Blogs from the Snake Room – Our blog will be a melting pot of hot topics within the reptile community, updates from our snake room, relevant reptile discussion and of course tons of photography from our personal collection as well as our clients!

Reptile Photography – Our new gallery will allow us to share a large variety of photos from our vault as well as new material from new arrivals as well as clutches that are hatching out in our incubator.  We also have a ‘Client Work’ section that highlights some of our favourite photographs we have taken for friends and clients.

Online Store – Our Online Store will boast a complete list of all our available products including livestock and SHEReptile branded clothing. While we complete our fully automated online checkout system clients will be able to add items to their cart and pay by EMT or Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard) while adding available coupons or promotions to their order.

Please feel free to contact us HERE and let us know what you think of our new format or to ask us any questions you may have!

GHI Lesser Pastel Sisters

2016 GHI Lesser Pastel Sisters




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