Yellowbelly – Stepping up your combos since the 90’s!

October 19, 2016

The Yellowbelly gene was introduced into the world of ball pythons in the late 1990s and has since become a highly valuable gene to have in your collection to produce some seriously awesome animals.  Yellowbellies are also known as het ivory due to the super form being a blue eyed leucistic known as the ivory.  Although yellowbellies originally went unnoticed in collections they are now most recognizable due to the checkered black, grey and white bordering along the ventral scales as well as their distinct amount of blushing. The addition of Yellowbelly to both simple and complex combos can really add a welcomed flair to your living works of art.

Our wildcaught Yellowbelly female

WC YB x Specter offspringfemale-superstripe2

Example of how the addition of Yellowbelly enhances the colour, clarity and blushing of this Vanilla Pastel combo
Left: Vanilla Pastel | Right: Vanilla Pastel YB

Firefly YB’s are super bright! The best attribute of these combos is that they will stay bright as they age.
Firefly YB Male

A larger GHI HGW Firefly with a GHI Vanilla Inferno.  Notice the drastic difference in colour and blushing between the two animals? Adding YB to GHI combos definitely steps them up a notch.

The super form of Yellowbelly, also know as the Ivory.

Last, with the discovery of the Asphalt and Gravel genes the Yellowbelly complex has definitely taken off again and is proving to be a very worth while project to be a part of!freeway

The future is definitely bright – Until next time, happy herping!

– LC


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    Awesome Photos!

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