Introducing the GHI Vanilla Inferno!

December 29, 2016

Introducing the GHI Vanilla Inferno!

We were very happy to produce this combo during the 2016 season and were even more ecstatic that we hatched a male. This boy is the result of a GHI Inferno x Super Vanilla Citrus Hypo and will be held back for future breeding projects here at Snake Hunter Exotics.

We are most excited to work towards producing GHI Vanilla Cream and/or GHI Super Vanilla combos as well as some one of a kind Super GHIs.  He’s growing well and getting better with every shed!

2016 Male GHI Vanilla Inferno (HGW x YB x Pastel) Het Citrus Hypo

ghivaninferno3l ghivaninferno21 ghivaninferno1l ghivaninferno

Here are some of his clutchmates that we thought were pretty awesome too!

Female GHI Vanilla Pastel Het Citrus Hypoghi-vanilla-pastel

Female Vanilla Pastel YB Het Citrus Hypopastelvanillayb

Female Vanilla Inferno Het Citrus Hypo (on the right)vanillacombos




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