It’s official – The 2017 season is here

February 28, 2017

It’s official – Our first clutch of 2017 has been laid and is tucked away nicely into the incubator!

This female came to us in 2010 and was part of a shipment that came in from the King himself, Ralph Davis.  She has been nothing less than consistent over the years and has proven to be a very welcomed addition and permanent resident here at Snake Hunter Exotics.

Yesterday, February the 27th she laid 8 pearly whites weighing in at 909 grams 28 days after her pre-lay shed.  This female is typically our first to give us eggs and laid 363 days after laying her last clutch in 2016.  To date she has given us 25 eggs averaging in at 120.64 grams and has produced some absolutely stunning animals!

This year she was bred back to a Pewter Spotnose Het Albino male in efforts to produce a Spotnose Albino combo male that we can hold back for our Albino Clown projects.  I think an Albino Batman would be pretty awesome, don’t you?

on eggs

Female Albino on Eggs


8 nice big eggs ready for the inclubator



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