Snake Hunter Exotics is a family owned and operated breeding facility that was established in 2011. At Snake Hunter Exotics we are dedicated to producing and caring for premium quality ball pythons. We are firm believers in quality over quantity and take every measure to ensure that both our offspring and collection are kept in pristine condition.

As a family we have been keeping Group Shotanimals for over 45 years and currently operate both a ball python breeding facility as well as a horse ranch that produces quarter horses of premium lineage. Our love for animals does not stop at the big or the small and we have kept and cared for many animals that have been both pets, borders and rescues from rabbits, cats, pigs, parrots, fish, geckos, snakes and many more. Through-out the years we’ve even had the opportunity to care for an alligator and an owl!


Our Team

Lucas (LC)

The primary care taker here at Snake Hunter Exotics; He hand selects all of the specimens that we keep here at SHE Reptiles and ensures that our offspring and collection are looked after with the utmost care. Lucas has a long history with animals and has a passion for all things living both captive and wild. He is an advocate for conservation and an avid outdoorsman.


The brains of the operation; Chantelle runs the business and ensures that Snake Hunter Exotics operates smoothly and is marketed within the industry. As a self proclaimed documentation guru you can ensure that your new snake is delivered on time and with proper documentation, birthing records, photos and a specialized Snake Hunter Exotics record keeping kit. Chantelle is the ultimate animal enthusiast and will bring anything in need of a home… home, literally.


Nela is our resident animal expert with 35+ years of professional experience caring for animals and is well learned in the Veterinary Science’s. Between running a successful Quarter Horse ranch that seconds as a sanctuary for old age and special needs horses and acting as an advisor here at Snake Hunter Exotics she is a full-time manager at a top tier Small Animal Veterinary clinic. Nela’s focus for animals has always been geared towards horses and your traditional small animals, but her love for all things wild has definitely been a happy addition here at the Snake Hunter Exotics family.


Clark has been working with animals large and small since he was just a child. He was a natural field herpetologist and as a child had a collection of many fascinating species of the mid-west including rattlesnakes, kingsnakes, water moccasins, garter snakes, various lizards, a racoon or two, an alligator and the occasional owl or duck!

Clark had the ultimate reptile experience; While touring for the United States Marine Core in Vietnam in 1968, he along with his core stumbled across a tail sticking out from the elephant grass. 7 marines later they pulled out